CSCCervical somatic cage

The cervical somatic cage system is composed of an external module and an internal sliding module which can be locked in the most suitable position by means of a locking screw.

Internal modules are available in three different inclinations 0° - 5° - 10° in order to optimize the contact with the vertebral bodies adjacent to the implant and therefore ensure excellent primary stability.
Both the internal and external modules are available in three different lengths.

CSC is designed to be an innovative system. When compared to similar products on the market, the CSC cervical cage stands out with its additional functional details. For example, the implant can be expanded in situ to accurately adjust its height according to surgical needs. Moreover the cage is greatly adaptable to the cervical spine anatomy (thanks to the different plates inclinations) and it allows filling with bone graft after expansion and stabilization to enhance the fusion process.

All components of the system are compliant with Directive 93/42/EEC.


CSC - Cervical Somatic Cages