DSCDorso-lumbar vertebral body cage

The DSC system is composed of two main components: an external module and an internal sliding module. The device allows expansion of the cages in situ, thus permitting to accurately adapt the implant height according to the degree of distraction required.

The plates for internal and external modules are available in different dimensions and inclinations; it is possible to choose between the titanium version, characterized by a superficial knurl, and the PAEK one, a biocompatible and radiolucent material which modulus
of elasticity is very similar to that of cortical human bone. Primary stability of the implant is guaranteed by titanium alloy pins placed on the ends of the modules.
The system is available in different sizes, so the system range of application very wide (both thoracic cages and lumbar cages are available).

All components of the system are compliant with Directive 93/42/EEC.
The DSC system is also available for the U.S. market (FDA approved).


DSC - Dorso-lumbar vertebral body cage