PLS-SUNFLOWERPosterior Stabilization system with multi-axial screws

PLS Sunflower multiaxial screws were designed to meet surgeons' demands for a type of screw that could be used in a wide range of anatomies and diseases and that ensured at the same time ease of implant, versatility, and reliability.

The screw design allows multiaxial movement of the head, up to 25° in all directions, thus fitting the most critical anatomical conditions and minimizing rod bending.
The pedicle screws come in different diameters (thoracic - 5.5mm; lumbar - 6.5mm; sacral - 7mm) in order to satisfy the largest range of anatomical and biomechanical needs.

The screw head easily allows insertion of PLS standard rods (5.5mm diameter) and does not require the use of connection element.

In order to ensure ideal biomechanical features and to facilitate the use of diagnostic imaging equipment, all elements of the system are made of biocompatible titanium alloy.

All components are compliant with Directive 93/42/EEC.
PLS Sunflower system is also available for the U.S. market (FDA approved).


PLS-SUNFLOWER - Posterior Stabilization system with multi-axial screws