VIKINGDynamic Interspinous Stabilization

Viking is a dynamic interspinous system for the lumbar spine. It allows compression movements and lateral bending and it allows load transfer along the spine preserving the kinematic movements of the segment where it is implanted, working at the same time as a “shock absorber”.

Its core is an elastic spring which can be deformed, therefore allowing to distribute loads along the spine. Thanks to its anatomical shape, consisting of two concave-shaped ends, the device can be implanted between the spinous processes of two adjoining vertebrae.

The device is made of PAEK a biocompatible polymer. This material has got optimal mechanical features and its stiffness is very similar to that of human cortical bone.

All components are compliant with Directive 93/42/EEC.


VIKING - Dynamic Interspinous Stabilization